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Yvoire Classic Plus 1 x 1ml

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How does Yvoire Classic Plus work?
Yvoire Classic Plus creates natural results safely and deeply in the skin layers. Containing tiny well-packed, void-free particles with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.
What's in the box?
1 x 1 syringe;
Sodium hyaluronate – 22 mg/ml;
Phosphate buffer (pH 7.1) – up to 1 ml.
What are the advantages of Yvoire Classic Plus?
Yvoire Classic Plus can:
- to treat facial wrinkles;
- to improve skin texture and radiance
- to correct wrinkles I-II degree of severity.
- to correct expression wrinkles.
- to correct the volume and contour of the lips.
- to correct the commissure of the lips.
-performs the correction of the tear and the palpebral fissure.
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