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Wi Qo Fluid with Glycolic Acid 30ml

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WIQo products were created based on the indications provided by doctors, and have as their main objective the health and well-being of the skin, with the most advanced scientific research.
They are specially formulated to be used after treatments with PRX-T33 Biorevitalization without needles,
Maintaining skin health is achieved by fulfilling the main objectives:
protection against environmental factors: UV rays. pollution, weather
prevention by providing the necessary nutrients to maintain the hydrolipidic film
stimulating and maintaining trophicity to prevent the appearance of signs of aging: deep wrinkles, fragile skin, lack of tone.

To fulfill these conditions, WIQo developed the ACTIVE SKIN PROGRAM that offers high quality and effective products.

WIQO FLUID WITH GLYCOLIC ACID is a dermatocosmetic product compatible with all skin types, being recommended both for young skin with impurities and for mature skin, recommended for women and men. It penetrates deep into the skin up to the level of the dermis and the effect increases over time, it hydrates deeply and lowers the pH of the skin.

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