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BRAUN Intrafix Safeset infusion set

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BRAUN Intrafix Safeset infusion set
Infusion set with hydrophobic membrane for airless filling of the set and no loss of substance, with hydrophilic filter for automatic stop after emptying the bottle.
Gravity and pressure infusion kit (max. 4.5 bar), with "Air Stop" filter and "Prime Stop" cap, with plastic cannula, manual venting device
Luer lock type connection
* length 180 cm;
* resistant to infusions under pressure (max 4.5 bar);
* tube 3 mm x 4.1 mm;
* plastic cannula for insertion into the bottle provided with two holes;
* manual ventilation device with 0.2 µm antibacterial filter and protective cap;
* drip chamber with two bodies (the rigid transparent upper one with efficient droplet former - 20 drops ~1 ml; the lower one flexible) and with a hydrophilic filter for the automatic interruption of the infusion after emptying the bottle;
* 15 µm filter in the drip chamber;
* the connection to the luer-lock type catheter with the plastic cap that has a hydrophobic membrane that ensures the filling of the kit without air and without loss of substance;
* without LATEX
The price is per piece.

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