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Improscar® Stick SPF 50 Scar treatment – ​​Silicone
• Clinically proven results in over 30 years of use, this is a patented formula with a high concentration of water-resistant silicone and including SPF 50 sun protection factor
• Recommended for the treatment of scars (do not apply to open wounds)
• It is necessary to reapply at least every 12 hours, ideally so that the wound is covered by a layer of product for as many hours as possible
• The treatment time is 2-6 months
• This is a CE marked and FDA approved medical device.

Improscar Stick SPF 50 scar treatment

Aesthetic results:
– Smaller and flatter scars
– More natural skin color

Functional results:
– Increased elasticity of the area
– Reduced pain and itching

Whether that we're talking about interventions surgery TO THE GIRL or at body level postoperative appearance of scars is TO kind of important BOTH from an aesthetic point of view for the patient How and that final result of the procedure for the doctor who performed it intervention , that is why it is very important that on NEAR realization irreproachable A interventions of to the doctor and PATIENT to follow his advice and to use postoperatively in a way suitable recommended product.

Recommended as the "Gold Standard" among anti-scar treatments and with an administration of over 30 years, silicone results have been clinically proven;

➢ product with o concentration big of silicone;
➢ designed from a durable formula TO the water;
➢ presented under form of stick for one application How easier ;
 you can EIGHTH for alternative of product with high protection factor SPF 50 or free protection solar .

Among the factors that influence surgical scars stand out:
➢ Patient age, skin quality, area in the which DONE intervention ;
 Technology use and the experience the doctor;
➢ The recommendation and correct use of postoperative treatment.

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