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Teoxane Post Procedure 200ml

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Support skin regeneration processes following a procedure in the clinic with the new Teoxane Post Procedure Fluid for post-procedure care.
This light and nourishing lotion was specially created to soothe, hydrate and strengthen weakened skin in the demanding days following a procedure. Arnica soothes sensitive skin, while special ingredients prevent the growth of bacteria and protect delicate skin against irritation. Used in the days following treatment, the skin heals and improves faster, ensuring a significant reduction in downtime.
Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin types, apply a generous amount to the skin and reapply regularly in the days following a treatment.
Apply a generous amount to the targeted areas following a clinic procedure. Apply several times a day for best results. It can be used immediately after a treatment and in the following days.
If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend doing a patch test first.
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