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149,00 lei
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Discover the revolutionary LemonBottle, an innovative solution for reshaping your body contours. With a generous volume of 50cc (10cc x 5 ampoules), this product, created from safe and natural ingredients, allows sufficient use for specific areas of the body. Experience minimal discomfort as the pH-optimized concentration ensures pain-free application.

Key Features:

  1. Safe and Natural Ingredients: LemonBottle Lipolysis is formulated with natural ingredients, prioritized for safety and effectiveness.
  2. Pain Free Application: Clients experience minimal discomfort, providing a comfortable treatment process.
  3. Quick Results: Both practitioners and clients notice remarkable results from day one.
  4. No Pain and Swelling: Unlike general lipolytic injection products, LemonBottle ensures a pain-free and swelling-free experience, encouraging repeat visits to your clinic.

Compared to General Lipolysis Products:

  1. Pain Free Formula: LemonBottle provides a pain-free experience without the need for lidocaine, thanks to its optimized pH concentration.
  2. Effective Without Lipase: LemonBottle shows excellent lipolytic effects even without the use of Lipase (Hyaluronidase).
  3. Without PPC (Phosphatidylcholine): LemonBottle excludes the use of PPC for a more personalized approach.
  4. Without Sodium Deoxycholate: Unlike other products, LemonBottle avoids the use of Sodium Deoxycholate.
  5. No Hormones: LemonBottle is free of hormones like steroids, ensuring a natural solution with no side effects.

LemonBottle Is:

  • Created from natural ingredients
  • It provides a pain-free and swelling-free experience
  • Delivers fast and visible results in just one day

Transform your body naturally with LemonBottle Lipolysis—where safety meets efficacy!

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