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230,00 lei
230,00 lei
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Gel-based cross-linked hyaluronic acid for interdermal injection. It is used to restore facial volume and remodel areas such as cheekbones, chin, nose and lips.
Contains :
1 glass syringe, graduated of 1 ml, which contains product and a sealed Luer Lok adapter, in a blister.
2 disposable needles 27G ½" (CE 0123).
White plastic support, it will come with the syringe and we recommend you to assemble it to make the syringe easier to handle.
A set of adhesive labels with the lot number, one of them must be stuck on the patient's clinical record and the other must be sent to the patient. These
procedures are mandatory and have the purpose of following the conformity of the product.
1 brochure with instructions for use in accordance with European Union rules, which must be read carefully before injection.
Hyamira is a sterile, injectable, non-pyrogenic medical product that is reabsorbed in the body and is made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, produced by bacterial fermentation.
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