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Glutathione Tationil 600mg/4ml Antioxidant 10 ampoules powder 10 ampoules solvent

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There are probably very few, among those interested in biology and medical sciences, who have not heard of "chemical free radicals" that "cause cancer". The formation of free radicals is complicated and they can initiate a whole series of incalculable reactions in the body, damaging lipids, albumins and nucleic acid. The proliferation of chemical free radicals, in the last instance, always manifests itself in the form of a disease. The most serious form is the formation of a cancerous tumor. The glutathione molecule is a very important molecule that neutralizes free radicals. In its natural state, it is found in some fruits and vegetables, in plant and animal tissues, and in larger quantities it can be found in foods containing albumin. Cooking reduces the effectiveness of glutathione. Glutathione is the substance known to be the most powerful antioxidant of our body - it can be able to eliminate free radicals outside our body and fight against their harmful effects. It is the body's most powerful substance/healing agent. As we age, the level of this vital substance decreases in our defense system. Until then, glutathione neutralizes those free radicals, which are related to aging and dramatically reduces the speed of aging by rebuilding the affected cells. If we lack glutathione, then the aging process will be accelerated. Its lack primarily affects the nervous system, leading to coordination disorders, and then to the reduction of our ability to recognize. The good news is that the research is extremely impressive and full of results in the field of adding foods with antioxidants. Given the fact that glutathione is such a powerful antioxidant and immune system booster, according to some assumptions, it helps prevent cancer, in especially at the level of the liver, where the main storage of neutralized toxic substances takes place. Several research centers in Europe stated, not long ago, that the evidence strongly indicates that this antioxidant deserves more research, being one of the healing agents, potential anti-tumor agents of the human body. Given the fact that its effect of reducing inflammation has been proven, it accelerates the regeneration process after intensive training and is also effective against allergy and arthritis. They also revealed that it has a strong detoxification effect and protects our body from the negative effects of heavy metals, drugs, radiation, cigarette smoke, alcohol and polluting factors. It can also be effective in the treatment of hepatic and blood dysfunctions. During operation, the oxygen level of the tumor cell increases strongly, thereby producing a strong effect of destroying cancer, because oxygen kills tumor cells. As an effect of the oxidants, it itself will suffer damage, but the enzyme called "glutathione reductase" will immediately restore it. The glutathione reductase enzyme has as an active substance, which is not albumin, selenium, which is also proven to be effective in slowing down the aggravation of tumors, and in the fight against tumors. Free chemical radicals play an important role in the process of aging, in the deterioration of the collagen connective tissue fibers of the body, in the wrinkling of the skin, in the reduction of its water content. They are attributed an important role in the case of CNS atrophies such as: Parkinson's syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's syndrome, etc. TAD injection with glutathione content is used throughout Europe and is a registered preparation (except for us, it is not supported healing by the state!). In Germany, every time it is administered as an adjuvant in chemotherapy and even individually, in the substitution of chemotherapy. (According to German medical research, it has a strong effect of destroying tumor cells). The manufacturer is the Italian company TEO FARMA. There are no, respectively, no known side effects of this preparation! The TAD preparation can be bought in unit packages containing 10 ampoules (600 mg / ampoule = 4 ml), which contain the preparation in powder form and related dissolving substance (4 ml - distilled water). Before administration, we aspirate the dissolving substance and inject it into the ampoule containing the preparation in powder form. We can help the dissolution by gently shaking the ampoule. After the liquid has become homogeneous, we will aspirate it into the syringe and we will be able to administer it immediately to the patient, intravenously or intramuscularly. It can never be mixed with vitamin C or vitamin B17 in injectable form!

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