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Diamond Shine 1 fl x 2.5 ml

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What is Diamond Shine?
Diamond Shine is an all-in-one solution that can produce various skin improvements including skin regeneration, increased moisture levels and whitening effects.

Diamond Shine features
The effects of diamond brilliance
•Improvements in skin tone
•Improvements in skin texture
• Increase in humidity level
• Pore size reduction
• Skin regeneration
•Reduced redness and hyperpigmentation
•Whitening effect
• Improvements in skin elasticity
• Improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Lifting effect

Diamond Shine features
• High efficacy: Diamond Shine can produce various skin improvements, including skin regeneration, increased hydration and whitening effects.
• Minimal side effects: The likelihood of scarring, bruising and redness is reduced
• Minimal downtime: Patients can immediately return to daily life
• Short procedure time: The procedure can be completed in 30 minutes
•Immediate Results: Patients can see results in 1 week
•Safety assured: Clinical studies prove its safety
•High quality ingredients: Japanese HA macromolecule material, Japanese glutathione produced by the patented RCT method, Salmon DNA (PDRN) from Alaska

How to use Diamond Shine
Diamond Shine can be administered by the injection method with a skin booster, injector gun or by other mesotherapy equipment.

Area of ​​application: All face

Injection method with skin stimulation
Recommended needle size: 30G/4mm, 32G for eye area
Injection depth: ½ the length of the needle (2 mm), inserted at 30°
Injection interval: Maintain an interval of 0.5 cm between each injection point
Injection volume: 2cc total per treatment
Apply numbing cream before the procedure

For optimal results, it is recommended that a patient receive a total of 3 sessions (total of 2 cc per treatment) spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart.

Licensed professionals may adjust certain parts of the procedure if deemed appropriate for the patient's condition.

Why is Diamond Shine recommended?
Diamond Shine is recommended to customers looking for an all-in-one skin booster that has various beneficial functions. Diamond Shine contains powerful ingredients with different functions that work together to improve the skin in a comprehensive way. PDRN stimulates skin regeneration, HA increases hydration, and glutathione whitens skin. Customers need look no further as Diamond Shine truly brings skin to its most ideal, healthy and glowing state.

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