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Da-x exosomes, vial 165 mg - 10 billion exosomes, glutathione, tranexamic acid

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 Cell-to-cell information exchange (secreted biological nanoparticles
cell active for information exchange or interaction between cells)
with a diameter of 30-200 nm and the surrounding lipid double membrane
the outside has almost the same structure and components as the cell membrane,

It can be called a natural liposome. Contains bioactive factors such as lipids,
genetic materials (mRNA, siRNA, DNA) and proteins of cell origin.
There were various functions such as tissue growth, regeneration and immune regulation
around reported, and recently known to play an important role in cell communication
to cell and paracrine signaling
 Exosomes play the role of avatar representing the characteristics of cells.  Exosomes are known to have similar components and functions to the cells in which they are produced.  Exosomes formed from immune cells often have immunomodulatory or anti-inflammatory effects.  Nanovesicles secreted by stem cells have been reported to function in tissue regeneration.
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